Data Quality Engineer


Description de fonction

The goal of the assignment is to up-scale the existing team, in order to:

  • Execution of data quality improvements, by performing root cause analysis and impact assessment across business lines.

  • Implement data quality remediation actions taken in account different stakeholders and priorities between business and IT.

  • Define the business requirements & implement a data quality improvement process with business users & IT

  • Initial deployment of the data quality policies for this project according to the corporate governance policy.

During Preparation

  • Analysis of the quality issue

  • Assessment of the Data Sources & Data flows.

During Data Quality process implementation

  • Define & develop the quality rules in the SAS environment – more specificaly, the SAS Data governance tools (SAS BDN: Business Data Network, SAS Data Lineage, SAS Data Flux)

  • Technical analysis of the business requirements.

  • Administration of business terms and data lineage

  • Definition and development of the necessary workflows for SAS BDN and Data Flux

  • Development of data quality monitoring dashboards and reports

  • Follow up on data quality issue remediation

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