Data Transformation Manager

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Description de fonction
  • Shaping the Data Governance Activity. Organizing the process with which data is made available, collected, utilized, protected, cleaned, and stored; all the while maintaining efficiency and keeping the data congruent with the business goals.
  • Identifying who is accountable for the trustworthiness of the data and set up a data steward community within Partenamut.
  • Creating standards and a common set of data definitions for the business glossary.
  • Organizing and relaying information appropriately and involving others in the process.
  • Communicating through reports, meetings, company newsletters, or memos the best use of data in each department from business owner, to IT, all the way to the consumer.
  • Setup a data governing body (data board) overseeing the different data transformation initiatives within DAnA, IT and within the broader Partenamut business context.
  • Facilitate the different data transformation initiatives directly impacting DAnA so that each initiative can hit the ground running with minimal wasted time and resources.
  • Analyze financial information. This includes the proper distribution and allocation of resources, the implementation of budgets and the quantification of monetary risk and impact.
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