Business Analyst in Security




The recruited candidate will work as member of the team, focusing on supporting and implementing structural improvements regarding the delivery of the services.  The latter entails the definition of new processes, the maintenance and enrichment of a knowledge management tool, the measurement of delivery metrics, categorisation of requests, identification of efficiency gain methods and any improvement for the operational management of the team and its service continuity.


The following tasks shall be covered:

  • Participate in the efforts towards developing and improving the service in its growing scope and coverage among the Commission departments.

  • Perform analysis, design and implementation of the workflow and organisational processes for the functioning of the Team, the service delivery to the client and the interaction with the related services;

  • Assessment of the level of the implementation of security processes, contribution to defining associated indicators, dashboards and reporting;

  • Contribution to the initiatives facilitating the adoption and implementation of the processes and methodologies among the stakeholders (presentations, targeted consultancy sessions, case-specific hands-on assistance sessions);

Knowledge sharing and Awareness Raising

  • Maintain knowledge management base and the collaborative tools;

  • Propose, define and contribute to the dissemination of relevant IT security information within the team (Website, WIKI, FAQ,…);

  • Support the organisation of simulated phishing campaigns from the acquisition, configuration and operation of the relevant tool to the coordination of the campaigns and communication of results.


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