IT Support Engineer


1. Incident management
(To) resolve incidents in business applications and systems. This can either be executed remotely or in a lot of cases on the customers’ location.
  • Resolve (complex) incidents that have been assigned via the regional IT Services service desk
  • If needed hands over incidents to 3 rd line support and monitors the progress and resolving of the incident.
  • Gives feedback on progress and resolving to the regional IT Services Service desk.
  • Identifies deficiencies in IT Infrastructures, on DHL locations
  • Coordinates activities within incident management (call dispatching, call monitoring , call escalation)
2. Workplace management
Management of the workplace within the DHL network.
  • Commissioning of IT equipment and software via Central Store (Ordering, Receiving, Recording, Preparation, Deploy and hand over)
  • On site workplace management
  • Provides explanation / training and the usage of specific hardware and software (OS related)
  • And all other activities related to the workplace as is included in the IT Services service descriptions.
3. Project participation
Participates in the implementation of projects and is the contact for the various parties towards IT Services.
  • Taking care, together with the (IT Services) project manager, of planning with various parties involved in the project
  • During projects the IT Services Country Support Engineer is the touch point of IT S ervices
4. Education, training and documentation
Educating / training users and providing necessary documentation.
  • Takes care of documentation / work instructions of non standard operations, so it can be used for the creation of new standards.
  • Takes care of training of users if this is requested related to the usage of HW and applications.
  • Provides advice regarding the usage of software and hardware which can be used
Knowledge level
  • HBO level.
  • Relevant knowledge of IT systems (Windows, (L)Unix systems).
  • Microsoft desktop (MCP Certificate).
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory
  • Knowledge on workplace peripherals like barcode scanners, printers, MFP, Wifi, telephony and more.
  • ITIL Foundation certificate
  • At least three years of relevant IT experiences in a IT Support organization.
Specific job characteristics and skills
  • Good communication skills in Dutch and English
  • Be able to write clear instructions in Dutch and English
  • Social skills, customer facing attitude, helping customers effectively and quickly to increase productivity within DHL.
  • Works accurate as the type of work can potentially damage the DHL processes
  • Makes functional use of a car, laptop and mobile phone.
Onerous working conditions
  • Psychological and physical stress associated to irregular services delivery and accessibility at night or weekends for acute incidents (based on individual availability checked on forehand)
  • Single contact for all customers in Benelux
  • Analytical ability
  • Business acumen
  • Internal and external customer focus
  • Result orientation
  • Planning & organization
  • Adaptability
  • Accuracy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Communication skills
  • Responsibility
Organisatie- en afdelingomschrijving
iStorm Projects is the IT Consulting practice powered by the Select Group. Above all iStorm Projects is a human adventure in an ever-changing technological world. Our goal is to focus on the well-being of our consultants by putting them in the center of every IT projects. Invest in our Human Capital via trainings, competence management and career path is also part of our DNA.
iStorm Projects – Powered by genuine people for digital success.

You receive an attractive salary package with many extra-legal benefits (company car, meal vouchers, insurance,…). All this in a fascinating work environment where you have many opportunities for development.
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