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  • As an Application Engineer you will develop and maintain IT applications.

  • You will be involved in projects from A to Z, i.e. with functional design, technical design and programming, through to testing and implementation.

  • You will work on the scoping of projects and writing IT proposals.

  • You are good at making impact analyses and providing workload estimates.When making your functional analyses, you will highlight the needs of the business, which you will then convert into clear functional analyses.

  • You are also a technical experience specialist and an expert in one or more technologies.

  • You have good application knowledge in one or more areas and are able to translate functional analyses into technical analyses.

  • You are able to produce the most complex analyses within your field of expertise.

  • When making your functional and technical analyses, you will take account not only of the proposed deadlines and budgets, but also of the standards and processes specified in our in-house methodology.

  • This also applies to your programming work.

  • You will build high-quality systems that meet the definition of the task in hand.

  • You will also provide direction to technical analysts and programmers.

  • You will organise your own unit and integration tests, as well as those of your team members.

  • You will take on the role of coordinator during the whole test process.

  • You are also able to write good-quality test designs.

  • You are capable of making good bug analyses and you enjoy problem-solving.

  • You are able to work quickly, independently and constructively. 

  • You will also coordinate and oversee the activities of the other people involved in a project so that every assignment can be carried out to the highest standard and within the time schedule and budgets set.

  • In this position you will be able to delegate the more straightforward tasks, because your day-to-day workload will focus on more complex challenges.

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