Security Analyst



You have a real passion about cyber security. But really ... stopping the bad guys gives you a kick. You understand how they attack, and you take action to pw the hackers, you love it.
You come to the office every day with great enthusiasm for learning. You also provide the customer with great added value with that specialized knowledge.
You want to explore the challenging world of cyber security in an environment that stimulates your development? This is your chance!

  • You like that your screen is full of event and system logs ... and you can also analyze and correlate them

  • You have a good knowledge of network foundations and a three-way handshake does not surprise you

  • You know what security infrastructure is and how you can integrate it according to best practices

  • You are like a fish in the water with tools such as Wireshark and nmap

  • You can dissect regular expressions and use them yourself to be able to locate the necessary logs with surgical precision

  • You know that the kill chain is not a horror movie and you understand how it works

  • You are very skilled in communication and you can be flexible in a team

  • You have a bachelor's degree in applied computer science and / or experience as a cyber security enthusiast

  • You can clearly explain the technical language for non-techies among us

  • You are resistant to stress and you remain calm when the pressure is high

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