Delivering Human Energy

When I founded iStorm in September of 2009 most people I knew told me I was mad – and you can’t blame them – starting a recruitment business during the worst economic crisis in over 70 years, can seem a bit odd. Nevertheless, I was immediately joined by several experienced recruitment consultants with the firm belief, that we could do it better than all the other recruitment agencies out there. I wanted to give customers something they had never seen before.

From the first day it was clear that part of our unique approach would come through innovation. iStorm is the first recruitment agency to implement the use of Video CVs and mass use of social media tools to recruit candidates. But iStorm also has a different vision – we understand that the crisis has changed people’s perception of happiness – it’s no longer just about profitability, key performance indicators or return on investment. People long for employers with real values and long term vision. At iStorm we ambition to bring these people together to create real happiness at work.

The results are there to see. This company is different. The energy in the office incredible – everybody working with a purpose and total dedication for their clients and candidates. Today, we have many respectable clients who trust us with their recruitment needs on a regular basis. The team has grown and iStorm is on target to become an established player in the market. However, there are still a lot of companies and candidates out there to convince that an agency like iStorm can really help you to improve your business life.

I firmly believe that a company like iStorm can make a hell of a difference in shaping tomorrow’s recruitment industry.
Getting up every morning on a never ending crusade – going to your work every morning with real purpose is what we at iStorm try to do for you!

Looking forward to meeting you,
Your CEO, Christoph Maassen

Our Team

Christoph Maassen

Chief Executing Officer & co-founder

+32 2 612 80 10

Co-Founder of the company, Christoph accidentally fell into IT recruitment a long time ago despite a background as economist. He specializes in IT Project & Service management, as well as People management positions. Next to that, he manages an awesome team of recruitment consultants!



Laurence Billen

Senior Recruitment Consultant

+32 2 612 80 10

Laurence has a background in psychology and is expert in the Java and PHP market in Brussels and Wallonia. Her patience and her listening skills make her an extraordinary consultant: she holds most official awards from candidates and managers with regards to the quality of her work within the company!



Charlotte Ries

Recruitment Consultant

+32 2 612 80 10

The Duracell of the company! Always full of energy, Charlotte will fight for you real hard – she feels for her candidates and fights for her clients. She focuses on the Infrastructure market. Talking with Charlotte will get your day off to a great start.



caroCaroline Delpierre

Recruitment Consultant

+32 2 612 80 10

Caroline focuses on IT Analyst positions (Business analysts, Functional & Process analysts, Business Consultants). She is super dedicated and her ambition is to be recognized as THE person to call in her vertical market. Always in a good mood and willing to go the extra mile!



Eric De Prins

Business Director – Contracting Services

+32 2 612 80 10

Following 15 years of accomplished experience in sales, recruitment and management positions for several IT consulting service providers and a Big4 company, Eric decided to accept a new challenge: start the new iStorm freelance practice. Creating and maintaining strong relationships with clients and contractors being key to success, you can always count on him to make work of qualified requests and dedicated opportunities… as well as of great networking events!