Architect specialized in Case Management


Description de fonction
  • Designing the deployment architecture and fine-tuning it, ensuring performance, scalability, failure resilience, monitoring, backup, fail recovery and disaster recovery.
  • Configuring the Acquired Case Management Framework in an efficient and sustainable way (ensuring efficient management and re-usability of configuration).
  • Using the interoperability capabilities of the Acquired Case Management Framework to design and support for implementation of the necessary integrations with local and corporate information systems.
  • Matching of the business and user needs with the features of the Acquired Case Management Framework.
  • Using the extensibility and development capabilities of the Acquired CaseManagement Framework in an efficient and sustainable way (re-use of code, avoiding branching).
  • Sharing their knowledge about the Acquired Case Management Framework with members of the project team and assist them when necessary.
  • Map business requirements to the features/capabilities of the Acquired Case Management Framework;
  • Define configuration and customisation strategy and approach, ensuring their efficient management and reusability;
  • Advise and help for the setup of the development environment adapted to the Acquired Case Management Framework, including continuous integration and automated testing (unit tests);
  • Support the customisation and development of the case management solution according to the client's needs;
  • Support on analysis and modelling of data;
  • Advise, design and help implement the hosting architecture for the Acquired Case Management Framework solution, including backups, scalability, failure resilience, deployment automation and disaster recovery architecture;
  • Advise on sizing of technical resources to reach required performance;
  • Advise and help implement interoperability and integration of the Acquired Case Management Framework with other information systems by using the most appropriate interoperability capacities;
  • Participate in pertinent meetings;
  • Produce the relevant documentation.
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