My first steps in IT recruitment

Published on: 15 April 2019

I was definitely ready for a new challenge!

After five years spent gaining experience in interim and project sourcing, I also wanted to take a closer look at the aspect of permanent recruitment.So, I started working as an IT recruiter at iStorm, which turned out to be a very big challenge.iStorm has been active in the IT recruitment market for over a decade and each recruiter has his/her own specialism. That IT world was new to me.

Addressing candidates on LinkedIn, building up my network, qualification interviews, competency-oriented interviewing, etc. None of that was unfamiliar to me. But what about the IT world? Specific, professional terminology, like SQL, SCCM, HyperV, CISA, etc. was completely new to me. What about all these certifications and methodologies? And how could I ask specific questions in selection interviews? That was quite an obstacle that I was confronted with early on. 

But the colleagues took me under their wings starting on that very first day, explaining their specific areas of recruitment and candidate profiles to me. They have been able to build up a good understanding of the market and are always up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of recruitment and ICT. And they’re happy to share that knowledge with me. This has made the different domains within IT and the different job titles somewhat clearer already.

And if I have a question, they’re all willing to guide me through the technical terms.But the candidates I meet also add a lot to my understanding. They like to go into the technical aspects of their job and this helps me a lot to better understand the vacancies and needs of my clients and to be able to delve deeper into them. I learn something new & grow even more every day.

IT is a very innovative world and that’s what makes this job so exciting. I’d like to go on to specialise even more in the IT infrastructure market.The cooperation within a team of experts gives me a good basis for this.I’m now more confident and succeed in providing targeted assistance to both my candidates and clients. Not as a hands-on IT specialist, but as a specialised IT recruiter.

Perhaps choosing a job as an IT recruiter wasn’t the most obvious choice but it was the most challenging one. And that’s what makes it so much fun!The last two months have flown by. Learning every day is fun, but it certainly requires a lot of effort. I was also struck very quickly by how scarce candidates are in the market. But that doesn’t stop me from giving it my all every day! And so, after two months, I got a nice reward for my efforts because there was a match between my candidate and client.

And now, here’s to many more!

Do you wish to become an IT recruiter at iStorm as well? We have vacancies at iStorm in Ghent and Brussels.