Who is iStorm?

iStorm is a reference partner specialising in IT recruitment, that offers quality recruitment solutions, perfectly adapted to your human-resources policy. 

Our story

iStorm was founded in 2009, at the start of the global financial crisis.

At that time, the founder Christoph Maassen started a recruiting agency that was fully focused on humanity. Taking the time to meet all clients and candidates in order to understand their needs, support them and offer them a better service are part of the DNA of the company and all its employees.

In 2016 Christoph met Bart Gonnissen, CEO of Select Group. Through their discussions and meetings, it became clear that both companies share the same values. Early 2018 iStorm integrated into the Select group.

Since then, iStorm is part of a group with about one hundred experts, passionate about human resources and humanity, spread over twenty agencies located in Belgium, Netherlands and the Middle East.

Delivering Human Energy

When I founded iStorm in September 2009, most people I knew told me I was mad – and you can’t blame them – starting a recruitment business during the worst economic crisis in over 70 years might seem a bit odd. Nevertheless, I was immediately joined by several experienced recruitment consultants with the firm belief that we could do it better than all the other recruitment agencies out there. I wanted to give customers something they had never seen before.

From the very first day, it was clear that part of our unique approach would come through innovation. iStorm is the first recruitment agency to implement the use of Video CVs and mass use of social-media tools to recruit candidates. But iStorm also has a different vision – we understand that the crisis changed people’s perception of happiness – it’s no longer just about profitability, key performance indicators or return on investment. People long for employers with real values and long-term vision. At iStorm we aim to bring these people together to create real happiness at work.

The results speak for themselves. This company is different. The energy in the office is incredible – everybody working with a purpose and total dedication for their clients and candidates. Today, we have many respectable clients who trust us with their recruitment needs on a regular basis. The team has grown, and iStorm is on target to become an established player in the market. However, there are still a lot of companies and candidates out there to be convinced that an agency like iStorm can really help you to improve your business life.

I firmly believe that a company like iStorm can make a hell of a difference in shaping tomorrow’s recruitment industry.
Getting up every morning on a never-ending crusade – going to your work every morning with real purpose is what we at iStorm try to do for you!

Looking forward to meeting you,
Your CEO, Christoph Maassen

Why choose iStorm?

Vertical market
Each Consultant at iStorm focuses on one specific technology. Every day we are in contact with top candidates, often with exclusivity. Working with us means accessing a network that took years to build up. Who best to speak to if not the Experts!
Executive search
Our executive search unit is used primarily to target Executive level or other highly specialised positions within the ICT sector, and is a clear testimony to iStorm’s desire to continue improving and updating our service offer. We operate in a discreet and exclusive manner to target Belgium’s top-ranking ICT professionals. Great and exclusive service for your positions that require confidentiality and access to a vast network of ICT executives!
No cure, no pay
This service is totally risk-free – you pay us only once we have delivered you the perfect candidate. Get high-quality service with a smile on top – at zero risk!
We work hard evenings, weekends, whatever it takes to solve your recruitment problem. In exchange, we ask you to perform a thorough Job and Company qualification – We want you to keep coming back to us by offering you a superior customer experience. Our approach is collaborative – we define the processes together.

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Christoph MaassenFounder