Who is iSTORM?

iStorm is a reference partner specialising in the provision of high-quality IT recruitment services, which are perfectly aligned with your HR policy.

Our story

Christoph Maassen founded iSTORM in 2009, as a recruitment office specialising in IT and putting people first. It is in the organisation’s and employees’ DNA to take the time to meet all clients and candidates, properly understand their needs, give them better guidance and help them more effectively.

In the short term, iStorm has earned its reputation in the IT-recruitment market as a partner that both candidates and clients can count on. Even a global crisis was unable to stand in the way of iSTORM.

Christoph met Bart Gonnissen, the CEO of the Select Group, in 2016. During their discussions and meetings it became clear that the two companies shared common values. iStorm joined the Select group in early 2018.

Since then, iSTORM has become the specialised IT-recruitment branch of the Select group, which employs 150 experts, across 20 offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the Middle East.

Human drivers

When I founded iSTORM in September 2009, most people claimed I was crazy. And I can’t blame them: it does indeed seem rather strange to set up a recruitment agency during the worst economic crisis in 70 years. Even so, I was immediately joined by a number of experienced recruitment consultants, who believed we would do better than all other recruitment agencies. I wanted to offer clients something they had never seen before.

It was clear right from day one that part of our unique approach would come from innovation. iStorm is the first recruitment agency to use video CVs and social-media tools in recruiting candidates. However, iStorm has another vision too – we understand that the crisis has changed people’s perception of happiness. It is no longer about achieving profit, KPIs and return on investment. We want employees with real values and a long-term vision. At iSTORM we have the ambition to bring people together, to create a real team spirit at work.

The results speak for themselves. The company is different. There is incredible energy in the office – everyone works with a purpose and is completely dedicated to their clients and candidates. We now have numerous loyal customers with whom we work to resolve their recruitment matters. The team has grown and iStorm is now an established name on the market. Even so, there are still plenty of companies and candidates yet to be convinced that an agency like iStorm can change their professional lives.

I firmly believe that a company like iStorm can make an enormous difference in the recruitment industry of the future.
Our mission? To make you get up every day with a purpose and the desire to get to work!

I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you,

Why work with iStorm?

Vertical market
Every consultant at iStorm focuses on a specific technology.
Extensive introduction
We present our candidates using our own evaluation and not only with a CV.
Extensive network
We are in daily contact with unique and exceptional candidates. By working with us you gain access to a network that has been developed over many years.
We work with you, discussing the job profile, evaluating the company culture and running through the core values together.

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Christoph MaassenFounder