How to apply for a job at iSTORM Projects?

1. Want to apply today for a job at iSTORM Projects? Your application goes straight to our experts. They are completely familiar with your field of expertise, making them well able to assess your application.

2. We make every effort to reply personally by the end of the working day. Shortly afterwards, you will hear whether or not we would like to talk to you in person. Our procedure normally includes a personality questionnaire.

3. An introduction session can be conducted by telephone, but we generally like to invite you to one of our offices to become better acquainted. During our meeting, we will talk about your experience and interests in order to match these with our vacancies. This may be followed by a second or third meeting.

4. If there is a mutual click and we can achieve a win-win, we will happily discuss a collaboration proposal with you.

5. Welcome! After signing your contract, you can start as an employee of iSTORM Projects.

6. We will work with you to prepare you for your projects, so that you know who you can turn to for what, as well as what to expect. To this end, we designate a personal mentor. You can also count on specialised coaches to support you with advice and assistance and join you in examining your needs for further professional development.

7. New experiences and new products keep you on your toes.

It goes without saying that we handle all data you provide with the utmost care. Would you like to know more about how your data is handled? More information can be found in our procedure and our privacy declaration.