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How will I apply? What happens next? What are iSTORM’s tips? You will find an answer to your questions on this page.

Applying for job at iSTORM

How does it work?

As specialised recruiters we would be delighted to help you in your search for a new professional challenge. We not only look at your CV, but also get to know the person behind it. We are career coaches, experts with knowledge of matters within your own field of expertise. We will guide you through the entire application process.

Why apply via iSTORM?

When you apply for a job, you have probably already wondered: why don’t I get any feedback? We are in direct contact with the Hiring Managers, we defend your skills and return to you with feedback. This means that you remain up to date on how your application is proceeding.
Unique opportunities
Did you know that many vacancies are actually never publicised? We remain in contact with the hiring managers, and therefore know which vacancies are available, before anyone else. This allows you to discover some exclusive opportunities.
Do we not have the ideal job vacancy for you right now? We will proactively contact our network and find the just the job you are looking for.

Tips & tricks from Recruitment professionals

Creating a strong CV
It is important to compile a good CV. Therefore, you need to pay attention to content, style and layout. Here are some tips for you.
Tips for a successful interview
It is important to make a good impression during your job interview. Here are our tips to ensure that you can go to your interview feeling confident and prepared.
Your rights as an applicant
It is not always clear what your rights are when you make an application. Employers and recruitment agencies do, however, have a number of obligations to fulfil.  

Applying for a job at iSTORM Projects

How does it work?

Would you like to work at iSTORM Projects as project staff? Then your application process is slightly different. After all, you will be employed by iSTORM Projects and set to work on a project that suits you perfectly.

Are you interested in reinforcing our team?

Work at iSTORM HR & Sales careers powered by iSTORM

HR & Sales careers powered by iSTORM
iSTORM is growing and constantly looking for new talent. Do you have a feeling for IT, Human Resources and sales, and the desire to collaborate with other professionals? Then take a look at our internal job vacancies.
An internship at iSTORM
Interested in a career in HR and sales? Want to learn from true HR experts? Gain experience with iSTORM and get to know company life from within as well as from the outside. Contact us and we’ll work together to find a fun internship within our company.