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How do I apply? What happens to my application next? Do you have any tips? You'll find this and more practical information on this page. 

Applying to iStorm

How does it work?

The iStorm consultants are happy to help you further in the direction of a new challenge. First and foremost by getting to know the person behind the CV; in this way, we can link your expertise to the right company. Our consultants are experienced experts with knowledge of your specialist area. As real career coaches, they guide you through the application process.
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Why apply through iStorm?

Bet you've already applied at least once in your life for a job that fits your background perfectly – yet no response! We have direct access to hiring managers, and fight for you
Unique opportunities
Did you know that most of the best career opportunities are not advertised? It’s our daily job to be in touch with hiring managers to get positions before anyone else.
Pro Active
Even if we don't have the perfect role for you right now – we use our network to look proactively for the perfect job for you!
Last in, First out
Did you know that hiring managers tend to create shortlists? – if you send your CV 1 day later, even if you're the perfect fit, your CV won’t even be considered! Through a personal contact with the hiring manager, we make sure that your CV gets the full attention it deserves.
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Tips & tricks from HR experts

Writing an effective CV
It's important to compile a good CV. You need to pay attention to content, style and layout. We give a number of tips below on how to write the perfect CV.
Tips for a successful interview
It's important to make a good impression at the job interview. We'll give you a few tips here so you can go into your interview confident and well prepared.
Your rights as an applicant
It's not always clear what your rights are when you make an application. Employers and employment agencies do, however, have a number of obligations they must fulfil.

Making an application to iStorm Projects

How does it work?

Would you like to work at iStorm Projects as project staff? Then the application process is slightly different. You work for iStorm Projects and together with us look for a project that fits you perfectly. 
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Want to support us?

Work at iStorm HR & Sales careers powered by iStorm

HR & Sales careers powered by iStorm
iStorm is growing, and constantly looking for new talent. Do you have a feeling for HR and sales and the desire to collaborate with other professionals? Take a look at our internal vacancies.
An internship at iStorm
Interested in a career in HR and sales? Want to learn from true HR experts? Gain experience with iStorm and get to know company life from the inside as well as the outside. Contact us and we’ll find a fun internship together at one of our offices.
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